Power Solution

24/7 Power Solution with complete off-the-grid energy system

LED Lighting

50% energy reduction for homes & offices

12KW Power

Christ The King College Abuja, Nigeria


Real Portable Power!

A&E Energy

Solar Power For A Monthly Fee

No money for upfront payment? No problem! You can still afford it! You can add solar power to your existing energy system and pay by installments. 

A&E Energy

Advanced Lithium Battery Storage Solutions

Safe, stable and a compelling replacement for traditional Lead Acid batteries. No more yearly battery replacement!
  • 4 times more cycle life than traditional lead acid batteries
  • 3 times less in weight and size
  • High charge and discharge efficiency
  • Full charge in less than 3 hours!
A&E Energy

Complete Power & Energy Solutions

With fairly regular utility power supply you can say bye to blackout just by installing appropriately sized inverter system with or without solar charging.

RealPower solar Generator


The past few years have seen an upsurge of interest in solar and other renewable systems both in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Many investors have diversified their investment portfolio to include solar and inverter systems installation and sales. Many of them have no experience in solar and run the business in an unsustainable way, with no long-term plans to remain operating in the renewable energy industry. This could indicate that any warranty on system components might be unserviceable should that company withdraw from the business, not to mention the unavailability of customer support for troubleshooting. We stand by what we do. Our vision is a World with constant power for everyone’s basic needs without harm to the  environment.


Other offers...

If you are constantly under stress from the noise and dirt of generators, or if the cost of fuel has simply become overwhelming for you, this is your chance to take advantage of our 24/7 complete power solutions.

Solar Water Heater

Hybrid Inverter Installation

Off Grid Systerms

Solar Street/Perimeter Light

           Solar Powered Borehole Pumps

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