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A&E Energy Solution
About A&E

A&E Energy Limited

is a renewable energy company that specializes in solar energy deployment and renewable energy integration. With the team of experienced RE technicians, engineers and a network of partners like Outback (USA), Hoppecke (Germany), etc., the company is on a mission to rid Nigeria of all portable fossil fuel generators through quality renewable energy integration and delivery.

A&E Energy Solution
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Our Projects

Some Completed Projects

A&E Energy Solution
A&E Energy Solution
2010 - 2022

In the Past Years

We have worked and delivered numerous projects to our esteemed clients. These include individuals, companies, organizations, government, schools, religious bodies, etc.

Why Choose Us

Reason For Choosing Us

We Are Affordable

No money for upfront payment? No problem! You can still afford it! You can add solar power to your existing energy system and pay by installments. 

Dedicated Staff

The A&E core team consists of the Energy Consultant, who designs every system based on customer requirement.......

Completed Project

We have a great track record in delivering timely to all our clients. We have completed several projects

Working With The Best

Our Partners

Simba Solar
Interntional Power Supply
Rec Solar
Outback Power
Hoppecke Power From Innovation
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